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This video shows some street musicians on the Place des Vosges in Paris and clearly illustrates how one instrument begins and then the others follow and repeats (imitating) the first one. (The video is externally linked to


See this video with Rob Paravonians' Pachelbel Rant (external link to YouTube). I find it brilliant and fun and illustrates how Pachelbel's Canon is found in other pieces of music.


Street musicians in Antwerpen, Belgium, performing Pachelbel's Canon


Canon performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (CD or MP3)



Boys soprano choir


Coca Cola FIFA 2006 World cup commercial


Korean commercial. Is it actually a commercial or just a music video? My korean is a bit poor :) Anyway, it is a cool hip hop version.


"funtwo" performing Canon on electric guitar arranged by Jerry C


Pachelbel's Kanon for purists

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